Amplify voice. Maximize giving. Increase the good.

Our Services

  • Consulting

    Crafting a strategy and building a road map for success you can measure.

  • Creative

    Translating your story into striking visuals to elicit the desired response.

  • Development

    Building user friendly experiences to solve complex problems from the ground up.

  • Marketing

    Delivering a finely-tuned message through clever tactics that work.

Who We Are

Created by Centresource to address the unique needs of
the non-profit, Interactive for Good is a passionate
team dedicated to achieving your goals.

Interactive for Good exists because you do. Centresource Interactive Agency is passionate about giving back to our community and wanted to do more. By creating a specialized team, we are able to help maximize your non-profit’s impact and voice. Through a goal of increasing donations and giving, Interactive for Good strives to create a holistic platform for your organization to stand on.

Whether you’re a small non-profit struggling to find your voice or a large non-profit looking to sustain your efforts in a tough economy, Interactive for Good cares about your success. We understand the importance of bridging the gap between business and serving the needs of others. Using your cause and our experience, together we can build an interactive experience for good.

Meet Our Core Team

  • Mark

    Let's talk.
  • Jon

    Roll up your sleeves.
  • Beth

We believe business and humanity can come together to create something for the
good and help raise awareness of those who need a voice.

Who We Work With

We’re fortunate to have collaborated and worked
with more than 60 non-profits.

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